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  • Aug30Wed

    When Life Doesn't Make Sense

    August 30, 2017

    The story of Job in the Bible has always been a challenging one to fully understand.  At Church at the Manor, we have moved into the poetic books and it was a great exercise to have a group of our people to act the story out together.  We then had a very lively discussion on one of the most common objections to why people choose not to believe and that is this question. “If God is a loving God, why does He allow human suffering and pain?  It was a great discussion question and I received some good feedback with answers like:

    God doesn’t make us without free will and the ability to choose Him.

    We live in a world that is completely affected by the devastation of our sin nature and we were born in sin and also with the effects of the ugliness of sin.

    It is often in our suffering and pain that we experience the most profound depths of God’s presence.

    The reality is that this book actually never does address the why of human suffering; however the one burning question that it forces you to answer is this.

    As a believer, do you trust your Father God?  Do you trust Him when it feels like He isn’t there and when you don’t sense His presence?  Do you trust Him when your prayers don’t get answered?  Do you trust Him when your life doesn’t make sense, when you can’t explain the situation?  Do you trust your Father God when there doesn’t appear to be any benefits from doing so?

    This is the real burning question and the right answer is to say, yes, I trust You Father.  I think the best answer that I have for the life of Job is found in Psalm 23.  I rediscovered this beautiful Psalm after having been requested to share on it for a couple of funerals that I performed this past month. 

    In Psalm 23 David shares of the very fact that the Lord Is My Shepherd.  He essentially is the one that I put my complete trust in.  Why?  He ultimately leads me to still waters, green pastures…yes but even though I walk through the valley of death, YOU ARE WITH ME…emphasis mine! J   David speaks of the LORD ( the personal, covenant keeping God) and His presence, protection and power.  He is a good Father and He is absolutely worth placing our complete trust in. 

    In the N.T.  Jesus expanded on the theme of the Shepherd and shared how His sheep know His voice.  They listen and obey him.  I can’t emphasize enough about the importance of listening to His still small voice.  It is so important that we know that the LORD still speaks today and prayer is meant to be a conversation.  John 10:27 We need to get to the place where we are still, where we fix our eyes on Jesus and allow His words to penetrate our mind and heart.  It is then that our trust takes us to a greater place of rest, a place where my soul is quiet and He restores my soul.

    As Jenny shared earlier in the month, often those green pastures that we might picture in Psalm 23 are not necessarily  those lush pastures that go on forever, they are just enough  for what we need today.  Check out


    Random Insights and Celebrations!

    Singing Psalms!

    On Sunday we took to the Psalms…80’s style.  For those who remember, how many of these Psalms can you sing?

    Unto Thee O LORD

    I Will Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving in my heart

    Make A joyful Noise Unto The LORD

    This is the Day

    Jen reminded us that the Psalms aren’t all just “thank You LORD, you are amazing but reminded us of the laments as well, the very real, heartfelt honesty of the psalmists.

    The Wedding!

    On August 19th, we hosted the wedding of Tiara and Bob at our new home and it was a beautiful celebration.  It was our first Manor Church peeps wedding too and our core team came together and did such an amazing job.  Steve, Carolyn, Bob, Jenny, Jen and Kristen, you all rock!  We were also so blessed by the generosity of Christine who gave us so many beautiful flowers, especially hydrangeas!  Can I just add that my wife Sharon can now add “florist” to her resume as she put together the incredible arrangements and did an amazing job on decorating!!


    I Gave Up Coffee!

    I decided to give up drinking coffee…. for the time being.  It was definitely our morning ritual to have a good coffee with breakfast but Sharon challenged me to drink a hot drink with apple cider vinegar and raw honey instead.  There are certainly a lot of health benefits!

    It also has been great to journey with Dan who is in the process of giving up smoking and talk about all the challenges of working through withdrawal.

    Captain Canada!

    I had the opportunity to revisit my former church in Milton and be Captain Canada for their High Power Soccer Camp.  It was an amazing day to see their camp ministry going strong and reaching many children with the love of Jesus.

    Back Pack Giveaway #sameteam

    On Sunday August 20th we partnered with Pastor Michael and team from Kingdom Life, RL and her team from Freedom House and the Healing Center to give away 200 back to school back packs filled with pencil crayons, notebooks, erasers, glue sticks and  BBQ at Willow and Dawson Rd!  We met people, discovered their story and for me it was so eye-opening to learn that in just one apartment complex, there were 20 families all from Nepal living there.

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