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  • Jun30Fri

    What have you had a rant about?

    June 30, 2017

    So Sharon wrote a post the other day about Value Village and it has gone #viral on Facebook.  She simply made the point that VV ‘s prices are often higher than retail stores.  Well apparently a lot of people agree as the post has over 25000 shares!

    Dear Value you realize that you are not a retail store? And do you know what I can buy at Homesense for $12.99??

    SHARE this if you agree that VV's prices are tooooo high. End of rant.

    Value Village

    What have you had a #rant about?? 

    There was a man in the Bible who had a rant with God.  However, in his case, he had just gone viral with an amazing victory and display of God’s power at Mount Carmel proving the existence of God and that He is worthy of worship.

    Ok, now enter the scene with me in 1 Kings 19.  We have Ahab, who was a wicked king in Israel and his wife Jezebel who was even more wicked and the story is being relayed to her about what Elijah has done

    She is swearing by the same gods who failed miserably against the God of Elijah in the previous chapter and then we read...

    Elijah was afraid and ran for his life. 

    I don’t get it….You just saw God demonstrate Himself powerfully on the mountaintop,

    He answered your prayers and now he is going to let one woman scare him to the point where he runs away from his next assignment

    Elijah was running for his life.

    V4 He wants to die and now the #rant

    “I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. The Israelites have rejected your covenant, torn down your altars, and put your prophets to death with the sword. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me too.”

    Elijah is afraid.

    You can’t have a great faith, great God and great fear or can you?

    You can wake up in the morning after a great day of serving God in some form or fashion, helping people out, serving others, blessing people, singing His praises and wake up feeling defeated.


    We were never meant to leave God’s presence


    So, how do you live through it…It’s not that the fear is gone, but they found a faith in God

    I’m so grateful that the Bible shows me a man of great faith in 1 Kings 18… and then in 1 Kings 19, a man so low he is ready to die …he’s real, we can relate to him!

    My question today is, “Are you running away from the direction that God is calling you?”

    We easily can get caught up in what everyone else is thinking and forget about listening to the most important voice in our life, the voice of our Father God through His Holy Spirit.

    Here are three keys right out of the TEXT to really living from the life of Elijah:

    Get up and eat v6

    Elijah runs far away, he wants God to take his life… and what does God do…He tells him to eat. This is just not a picture of physical food,  it is a picture of how God’s Word meets our spiritual needs

     John 6:35  Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

    God cooked the food for Elijah, meal service was coming through; He has given you his promises, but you got to get up and eat it.  So start listening to His Word, listen to His voice and take it to heart!


    Go out and stand v9-11

    It is one thing that God speaks to you on the mountain when we are in a good place, but He also speaks to us in the cave, when we are going through darker times.  You feel more distant from God sort of like when your “wifi signal” is not as strong in the cave.  Here’s the truth, in isolation there can be more despondency.  But why do we do that.  We make a mistake, we crash spiritually or something devastating happens in our life and the first thing we do is go into hiding.  It happened in the beginning with Adam and Eve and it still happens now. I was just talking with someone whose husband left her and the first thing I asked is do you have a good support system of people around you and she replied by saying that she was too embarrassed to go to church.

    Whatever you are going through, you are not the only one left.

    You are not the only one left.  God says I’m with you when you pull the covers over your head, when you don’t want to face the day.


    The enemy wants to keep you in the cave.  He wants you to keep replaying the film of how you went down and how you lost your perspective


    He speaks into our depression, dysfunction, addiction.  Elijah is still running but the LORD keeps pursuing him.  There are lies that bounce around in the walls of your cave and God wants to get you out of the cave.  You may be stuck and He wants to get you unstuck.

    When you get on the mountain, it’s a picture of worship, we hear God more clearly, in the presence of the LORD.


    How do we stay calm?  We do it by listening to our Father’s voice through His Spirit


    Look how God passes by!


    The wind tears apart the mountains…He is not there.

    A fire consumes, a flashback scene for Elijah… He is not there.

    There are so many more dramatic ways that God could have shown Himself that He is in control but then…a gentle whisper…  Elijah, what are you doing here?


    Why did he whisper to Elijah?  He whispers because He is close.The enemy can yell, the voices inside your head can yell, but God chooses to whisper in this moment. He doesn’t need to shout because He is right, He is in control, he holds you in the palm of His hand.


    What about you?  What are you doing here, how long are you going to stay in that cave, how long are you going to refuse to forgive that person and hold them and yourself hostage?


    How long are you going to stay awake at night trying to fight a battle He already has won for you?

    Remember how I was with you, how I provided for you


    The hairs on your head are #. Luke 12:7; Matthew 10:30 You have to be close enough to someone to do that.  God is closer than you think!


    His Spirit is inside of you and I believe there are things He wants to tell you.


    The 3rd Thing God tells Elijah -


    Go back the way you came v15

    It’s time to move on.

    Elijah was told, “Go to the desert of Damascus….anoint  Nimshi…hand the torch over to Elisha, get back to the work I called you.”

    How many more nights will you spend in the cave? Are you ready to get back to the place I called you to be?

    REMEMBER…you didn’t get into a relationship with God by your own achievements, performance or effort….It was all by grace.

    One of our friends at Church at the Manor, Greg, is literally moving on.  He was baptized on Sunday and it’s his heart’s desire to get a fresh start.  We prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit too.  He is actually moving out of the Manor after living there for 12 years.  He shares how everywhere that he has lived, he has seen a cross from his window… a reminder that God is always there, chasing him.  I have had many conversations with Greg and shared some real God moments as well as we broke bread , prayed, laughed and shared life together. 

    EAT, STAND, GO…it’s a message for all of us!


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