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  • Lately it has been feeling like an elastic band, pulled to its' very fullest extent, almost to a breaking point. It’s been a season of growing faith. Just as Abraham was given the impossible promise of a child who will be one of many, God has given this dream for the Manor to be a restored as his child and one of many!!! This has led us all to go back to the Table and re-envision what this new baby will look like. As a newly pregnant mother discovers what it’s like to grow a child, we are discovering what it’s like to grow as a team known as Together. As a mother experiences labour pains before the delivery, we have been in the process of labour pains with the concept of the Table. It’s been a time of expectation and pain. There has been lots of pushing boundaries and praying for the delivery! This expansion that has occurred, just like an elastic expands, has brought us beyond our own limitations in a beautiful and faith building way, but just as an elastic expands it also contacts. One of the definitions of contracts is “(of a muscle) become shorter and tighter in order to effect movement of part of the body.”  For a muscle to be strong and effective it must be stretched and pushed, but for a muscle to be effective it must also rest and contract, otherwise it breaks and becomes damaged. During contraction the muscle is shortened and tightens.  This time of contraction effects the movement of the muscle and the movement of the body. We want to be a team that moves with God's intention and purposes. We want God to be the mover of our muscle. In order to be the hands and feet of God, we need to have strong muscles. In this next season we are walking into is a time of contraction where we focus less on outreaches and typical ministry initiatives, and more on education and strategic partnerships and alliances. We are discerning God's movements to ensure we walk with him! It may look to many that we are contracting into less movements but that is not that case. We are contracting into more powerful and intentional movements so that the muscle of Together is strengthened!! We move into this time of contraction with eager expectation for our time of expansion, knowing that we will walk into it stronger, prepared, empowered and aligned by God's perfect plans and the amazing unity and power that is found in the body of Christ. After all, isn’t the body full of muscle?! Let’s all look at how we can strengthen ourselves as we are all muscles in the beautiful body of Christ!

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