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  • Sep29Sun

    The Father's Healing Love

    September 29, 2019

    It is hard to believe that it has been over 30 years since I lost my dad to colon cancer.  It does make my heart sad that he never did have the chance to meet my children and for them to get to know him as well.  However, having said that, I know that I had more of a dad in the 21 years that I knew him than some people have in a lifetime.  In many ways he shaped my understanding of God as Father in a healthy, loving and affirming way that enabled me to embrace my Heavenly Father.

    Last weekend Sharon and I took in a conference on the Father’s Healing Love.  It was a really good reminder of the importance to soak in the Father’s love.  So often the perception we have of God is linked to the relationship we have had with our earthly father.  This couldn’t have been any more clearly seen than in the conversation that Sharon and I had with a guy named Matthew that we met at Sauble Beach at the end of the summer.  It started off as a pretty funny exchange as he approached Sharon and asked her if she had fire.  He was looking for a light, but that was a completely open door that she couldn’t resist so we started to talk about God, Jesus and of course, the Holy Spirit.  As we got to know him, it turned out he only seen his dad once or twice and that he was a member of  the Hell’s Angels.  As we talked about God, the only thing that He could focus on was that God is distant and violent.

    At the conference, we were reminded about the importance of the Spirit of Sonship vs the spirit of an orphan and how we need to properly come into alignment with the love of God as our heavenly Father who is the one that “lavishes His love on us”  1 John 3:1  We are the ones who have become his sons and his daughters.  John 1:12,13 and that He will not leave us as orphans.  John 14:18

    Orphans are rarely able to receive affection, affirmation , security, comfort and protection.  WE live as if we do not have a loving and affirming home with Father God.  Sonship is about security, significance, identity, patience, basic trust, faithfulness, loyalty, humility and being others-oriented.  Dan Slade

    During our time in Milverton at the conference, we were given an opportunity to discover and experience the Father’s love.  It really goes hand in hand with understanding how to hear God’s voice.  Most people stayed in the building as music was playing quietly but I knew I needed to go outside.  It was a beautiful afternoon and as I laid down in the grass the first lyrics that came into my mind were, “You are good, you are good and your love endures today!”  It was simple and yet it was profound.  I was near a community garden with an array of flowers and so I wrote,

    I am reminded that You are a beautiful designer.  A butterfly reminds me of your transforming presence.  The wind rustling through the pine trees is a reminder of your Holy Spirit and horses here that remind of the strength you give.  Teach me to flush any false images of You and rise up in me to share a new fresh message of your goodness. 

    So as I laid still there, I sensed very simply Father saying to me, I have loved you with an everlasting love, with lovingkindness I will draw you.  I then saw a water pump and it was the Lord teaching me to once again, go back to the source.

    Another element to the school was the time the leaders took to pray over us and to pray for healing.  God was absolutely moving in our midst  and there were powerful encounters of the Father healing, deliverance and words of encouragement. 

    It was Lillian, one of the leaders, who prayed over me and told me that God is sharpening my sword like a blacksmith and He will have me wield my sword again.  It was a such an encouraging affirmation  for me as in only three weeks Sharon and I will be travelling with a team of six people to minister in Entebbe, Africa.  I have been asked to speak on the Father heart of God and so I absolutely appreciate your prayers as I share from the Word of God, that I might wield it in the way that it was meant to be.

    Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.


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