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  • Feb18Wed

    Spy Vs Spy

    February 18, 2015

    The story of an investigation that went horribly wrong vs one that went completely right.  I want to look at Numbers 13 first.   We are focusing on the investigation of the Promised Land and the parallels to our lives.

    A Quick Snapshot!

    The Israelites were slaves in Egypt and Moses’ famous request was ‘let my people GO!’ The first miracle they experienced was the parting of the Red Sea.  They had been given manna from heaven, water from a rock, they had received Ten Commandments.

    Now, here we are on the EDGE of promise and what was supposed to take 40 days took 40 years.  Moses sends out 12 spies, one from every tribe including Joshua and Caleb.  He never asked them to size up themselves….YES, size up the situation, but magnify the LORD, bring him into closer view!  They did the opposite, they magnified the situation and lost sight of who was coming with them…Almighty GOD!

    The Parallels!

    When you get a vision of God, turn up the volume, size up His strength, not your weakness.  When you need to step out in faith expect for every 12 thoughts that are out there, 10 will be negative and two will be positive.  Often when God call you to an act of faith, it will go against your common sense.  He is not the God of pros vs cons. We aren’t called to weigh out the options, but listen to His voice.

    THE RATIO of problems to promises can also be viewed as 12 to 2.

    Think about the spies inside your mind. When you weigh yourself, your weakness, your doubt and fear instead of God’s promise, you WILL always come up short

    Remember this…the NEWS is not the MESSAGE.

    Psalm 112:6, 7 He has no fear of bad news, his heart is steadfast, always trusting in the LORD.

    What the enemy has been bringing into your life to break you and destroy you, God wants to bring a resurrection!

    Renewed Investigation!

    Now, let’s look at Joshua’s plan  Joshua 2

    He had a different focus, he only sent out 2 spies and they went to a specific city, Jericho.  He doesn’t want them to walk by their sight.  He had them just focus on one thing at a time, the next thing, not later.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the whole project.

    The plan was also very unconventional and completely went against common sense and that is what happens when we listen to God’s voice.   They went out and march and then sounded the trumpets on the 7th tour of the perimeter of the city of Jericho and the walls came down. 

    The walls that seem impenetrable in our lives and the places that we desperately need victory will only be fully realized when we rely on God for spiritual breakthrough.  Thank God for breakthrough and recognize that it often comes through a heart ripped open wide in worship!

    Check out how a worship team led an army to victory.  2 Chronicles 20 specifically starting at verse 20

    Manor Church Update

    Our church (at the Manor...a local strip club in Guelph) had a blast on the coldest Sunday of the year with temperatures sitting at -23C. We rented a BIG yellow school bus and took our church out to Roger’s home, the owner of the Manor, for a winter carnival!  It was a great mix of people coming from the church, The Manor staff and the Cohen family. There were people braving the cold to go skating, shoot pucks and tobogganing.  Paul was manning the BBQ and Brenda, Roger’s wife, had put on an extravagant spread of food!  It was a pure lovefest. One thing we've learned since starting a church in a strip club? That's LOVE conquers ALWAYS wins. People don't need our judgement and condemnation...they need a friend and a listening ear.

    Last week I finally broke down through Rick's perseverance and made the 3 hour trip east with him to pick up his many personal belongings that had been placed in storage for over five years.  Rick has been attending church pretty consistently since we started last Easter. He has been in & out of jail and has had a fair number of personal life challenges. Now, Rick isn't the most amicable person to deal with (he'll even admit that), but God softened my heart to him on our long journey together. He now refers me to as his ‘ass saver!’ & the nicest $@#%* pastor he knows! (I'll take it!!!). LOL.

    So, we arrived at the storage facility and if this was an episode of Storage Wars, I wouldn't have paid too much for this locker (at first sight)....however we DID end up uncovering an antique dresser, CD’s by the hundreds, hockey jerseys, a pioneer sound system, a storage chest and so much more!  He was so thrilled to be able to retrieve it.  We then went down to the court office and he was able to get his monthly payments lowered for outstanding bills, another small victory towards being able to get his driver’s license. At the end of our adventure, we had time to enjoy Swiss Chalet together. What a day & what memories!

    Johnny* has re-entered our lives and I was so thrilled to see that Doug* reached out to him and to others who have attended our services.  Kenny is now seeking help through the HADS program at Homewood. He wants to get our regularly to services, but the cool part is that the ministry is getting multiplied as our attendees are reaching out to each other in love!

    **names have been changed to protect their privacy*

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