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  • Mar22Sun

    Passing The Baton by Sharon Ninaber

    March 22, 2020

    In 2018, the Lord clearly changed the direction of the ministry at the Manor. Sunday services came to a halt and as I cried out for more workers to revive them.  Instead, He sent ladies to me that felt called to help out with Thursday night outreaches to the club. Sunday services ended, but He put a spotlight on our ministry to the dancers and the workers at the Manor. I was clearly called to start the church on Sundays and did that faithfully for 4 years but things were shifting. As I continued to lead our To.Get.Her team of seven ladies into the club it was becoming clear that one of the girls on our team, Jenny, really had the passion and ability to step up and lead. Jenny is a survivor of sex trafficking and Jesus has literally transformed her into a confident, Spirit filled and passionate advocate. Jenny is transparent and completely open about her journey and is truly a gifted speaker. I would often envision her speaking in front of schools, churches and groups of people, bringing awareness to sex trafficking and subjects that typically are not spoken about in Christian circles. I felt like the Lord was showing me that I would be passing the torch to Jenny and she would run with it, going faster and further than I ever could!  I started sharing this with Jenny and initially she was hesitant, not feeling ready to take over this ministry. As time went by the Lord kept confirming to both of us that indeed she was going to take over the lead role, but it was just a matter of timing. So I am so excited to announce that as of this June, Jenny will be fully stepping into my role and taking leadership of the To.Get.Her team! The girls on the team have also expressed that they see that this is the right decision. I will remain connected to these ladies that I’ve come to love and I will continue to get together regularly to mentor Jenny and help her navigate through this process. I believe that the Lord will use her in great and unexpected ways to fight trafficking and to speak about matters that aren’t typically spoken about in the church. It’s time to break the silence! Please continue to support this amazing ministry through your prayer and donations. I’m excited for what is ahead! 

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