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  • Apr29Wed

    Never Be The Same Again!

    April 29, 2020

    I have been so grateful for is to have Jordan, Addi and Rylan working with me during this time as an essential service.  However, what an incredible time of upheaval in our world it has been.  We have all had our lives turned upside down with this Covid19 outbreak, social distancing and lack of real meaningful connection with other people.  I’m sorry, but video calls just don’t cut it after a while.  I have heard stories of people just craving for human touch and longing for a simple hug in the midst of all this craziness. There have been people in groups of five walking downtown Guelph with signs protesting what is going on silently.  The sign they held up was, “We were meant to live together”.

     One question that has been asked is, “when are things going to be normal again?”  We are all doing our best to cope during this time and for some it has been extremely difficult just getting by and I feel for you.  As for myself, this time has been an opporunity to really dig in and become a better version of myself.  TBH… I really wasn’t excited about the person I was becoming.  In some ways, I felt like I was being lulled to sleep in my lifestyle.  My life was predictable; there was no surprise, no carpe diem to me.  I was living life on auto-pilot and then the crisis hit and we were all caught in the whirlwind. 

    So, you say, how are you managing?  I don’t want to manage.  I’ve actually turned into a voracious reader with 5 books on the go and just completed 3 books.

    Here are the books I read for other avid readers now lol.

    Extraordinary by John Bevere; In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day by Mark Batterson; Unexpected by Christine Caine; Compelled by Heidi Baker; Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Sarah Hagerty; Hungry For More of Jesus by David Wilkerson and The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do.

    I haven’t read this much since my days in Bible College…lol.  and learning a lot about myself, gone on more walks than ever before and committed to a daily workout routine!  It has all kept me grounded.  I have never run this long or this fast for that matter…I just did a 17.3km run on my way to doing my first half marathon. Running for me makes me come alive.  I laugh now because this virus has turned my sons Rylan and Jordan into competitive runners and Addi, I’ve never seen her workout so much!  BTW I quit facebook and Insta…at least until I feel like it’s worth going back there…too much time wasted scrolling. 

    The most important thing that has been rediscovered for me is my walk with Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit.  I really love journaling and hearing from the LORD, HE definitely still speaks today and is longing for us to listen.  Here is what I sensed the Holy Spirit telling me recently.

    Jack, continue to rest in my presence and be satisfied with my unfailing love. Keep you face like a flint, ever seeking, ever knowing the path of life.

    I then searched up “face like a flint” and discovered it in Isaiah 50:7  It means to stand strong in the face of adversity, regard these difficulties as worthwhile when you consider what they will lead you to.

    As we come out of this hibernation of sorts with this virus lockdown slowly easing, the thing that God has really showed me is that I need to step out in faith in greater measure.  I’ve been reading through the Psalms and in 77 the psalmist Asaph reminds me to cry out to the LORD and He listens.  This is a time of repentance (a change of heart leading to a direct change in lifestyle), a time of reset to where God is leading.  I’m challenging in my reading that the greater risks that I take, the more that God can use me.  I also know that it needs to be a God-ordained risk.  I also am riveted and rocked by Jesus’ words when He says in Matthew 19:29 that everyone who has left houses, family, and children will receive a hundred times in this present age and eternal life.  I also know that when we finally arrive in His presence fully in heaven, it won’t be the sins of commission that we will regret, but the sins of omission. Our biggest regrets will be the missed opportunities!  For me, I know that it comes back to my life verse, Matthew 6:21, “wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.  I know that to make a real difference my investments can’t be tied to the here and now.  It’s a huge wakeup call right now when our financial investments are getting flushed down the tubes to stay in that place of trust.  My investment needs to be in people, it’s all about others in the kingdom of God!

    Steven Furtick in his latest message was sharing how we were not meant to go back to normal.  In fact, he said we should just remember that we have never been normal…that’s not the goal.  However, why do we want to go back to normal?  The reason is because it’s familiar.  Sometimes we even crave normal even when we know it’s killing us like the children of Israel longing to go back to Egypt in Exodus 14.  I love that he said, “Let’s have the funeral right now!  We are not going back to normal! God brought us all out of Egypt, but is Egypt (representing the world and its values) out of us?


    So, what will your new normal be?


    As much as I want to light a fire under us, I also want to remind us of the encouragement, hope and strength that God can provide us in the midst of this uncertainty.  I was reading Psalm 91 this morning.

    We are called to rest and to abide in the safety of the presence of the LORD.  We are not to people overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.  As children of God, we are under his wings and sometimes in the darkness we don’t even realize how close we are because we are covered right under his wing!


    “Realities are released through decrees.  Say what God is saying.  The power of life and death is in the tongue.”  Bill Johnson  We need to speak life over ourselves and our families during this time.


    Sing this song over your family, it is so powerful!


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