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  • Feb27Tue

    loving our Manor peeps!

    February 27, 2018

    “I just want to thank everyone for helping my girls to learn about God. They love all of you.” 

    It is always so encouraging to get "shout outs" like this on our facebook page.  We have two young girls who attend our services along with their grandmother and they absolutely love our team.  They love our team and especially Bob, our "children's ministry leader" lol who really takes time to show love to them.

    At the Manor Church, we often have such an interesting mix of people attending, but God always shows up and we know He is working in the lives of those who attend.  I would like to share with you about some of those who are now attending and give you an opportunity to pray for them.

    Isidro -  An older man who lives at the Manor.  He is originally from Nicaragua and he will simply sit in the bar and listens.  He recently had a stroke and has trouble with his vision. We continue to pray for his complete healing.  He has such a tender heart and willingness to trust in the LORD.

    Sass -  She is a friend of Smitty who lives at the Manor and she is always so excited to come and is not afraid to tell all her friends about the fact that there is such a “cool church” in the bar.  She will often prepare food for our gathering and sit from a distance, but listen intently as well.

    East Coast Dave – He also lives at the Manor and will come down to eat food with us.  He deals with a lot of back pain, but has shown great generosity too by one Sunday buying pizza for the whole church.

    Marie – a lady from the Caribbean who recently has joined us and offered such honesty when letting us know about the racism she felt since coming to Canada.  At first she was very closed to people getting to know her and now we may have a best friend for another lady in our church, Denise, who also deals with loneliness.   As we talked one Sunday about the need to give our worries over to God and trust him, Marie pipped up, but “we are all human, we will all worry,” or as she says it we are all “uman”.  Its great to see her learning to open up and trust us more.

    Frank – a man who has been attending since the very beginning and continues to show us a new ball cap every Sunday.  He has experienced loss this past year, but continues to faithfully show up.  He has been open enough to sit in the prayer chair and receive support.

    Shane – a young man who recently went through detox and is coming clean.  Roger, the owner, introduced him to me and I was able to invite him out to Celebrate Recovery at Lakeside.  He is so hungry for change and has been attending for the past 3 weeks.  I am looking forward to having coffee with him.  I really sense his openness to putting his faith in Jesus.

    Brittany and James – a couple that moved into a basement apartment and trying to get back on their feet.  They showed up at the church for the first time on Sunday.

    Tiara – she has been battling an infection off and on for so long and has been in and out of the hospital to deal with it.  She displays such overcoming strength even though she is limited to her wheelchair. 

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