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  • Over New Year's I was praying and seeking Gods will with the Manor Team. He specifically said to me "Jenny you think your teaching these girls how to not dance, but I'm teaching you how to dance!"

    I was shocked by this and then I thought how do you dance? I got the image of Jesus and I dancing together. God reminded me of the verse 2 Corinthains 12:9 "But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. What does this have to do with dancing? The secret is called in dancing "Lead and Follow". This is how two individuals can dance smoothly and seamlessly together. Dance partners cannot dance together if they are following their own decisions. One person must lead and another must follow. This requires trust. Our role is to follow. What happens when we follow? You don't always see where you are going, you don't always know the next move, instead you have to trust your partner and follow his lead. The leader of the dance always gives signals as to his next move. Often times this is through applying pressure in your lower back with his hands, shifting weight, or making a hand or eye signal. In order for the dance  to flow seamlessly, you need to obey the lead instantly. If there is no signal you do nothing, if he gives a signal you were not expecting you follow the new signal.


    Doesn't this sound typical of our Christian walk? How many times do we feel like we cant see where God is leading us to go? We feel blind? Or how many times do we feel like God is bringing us into an unexpected direction? Suddenly situations shift and we are doing a 180 degree turn? How about when God asks us to do something that we feel we are completely unqualified to do? Or what about when we are in a situation and we feel this pressure to change things up? In short we can feel weak, blind and unqualified to simply take a step. But what 2 Corinthians is telling us is that Gods strength is made perfect in our weakness. How? Because his power is our dance! When Christs power rests on us, it doesn't matter how unqualified or blind or weak we may be because he takes all of us and leads us into victory. God wants to teach us how to dance so we can daily dance into victory. He does this by building a relationship with us based on faith. As a dance partner our faith is not in our abilities but on our partners ability to lead us and display "Us" as a team. We move seamlessly when we trust that our partner will not abandon us or push us into a place where he cant handle the outcome. Even when we cant see and don't know where we are being led to we trust that our partner knows where we are going and that he will not let us fall. We enter into a relationship where we move seamlessly with Gods signals, not based on our feelings but based on our faith!


    I believe God is teaching the Manor team and all of us how to dance. That its okay when we feel unqualified because he qualifies us not based on our merits but based on what Jesus did on the cross! Jesus won our victory then and he is winning our victories now. I encourage you today to be okay with not having all the answers, not having the direction, not having the destination! Because God does! Instead spend time with the Lord. In that alone time, I promise you He will encourage and increase your faith. And through that faith you will be more able to allow yourself to be lead. And very soon you too will be dancing with the Lord seamlessly.


    Jenny Johnson


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