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  • Jul20Sun

    How's Your Appetite?

    July 20, 2014

    Did you know that we can learn a lot about our bodies by just the foods that we crave.

    If you crave salty food, it often reveals that you have a low calcium diet.  A lack of potassium, calcium and iron in our diet.  Research has also shown that it also reveals interesting facts about your personality.  A salt lover often feels like their world is out of control.


    Ok, what about chocolate??  Any chocolate lovers here?  Chocolate stimulates the release of serotonin and is basically an antidepressant that your body seeks out when your happy chemicals are bottoming out and you need a quick fix.  We are also drawn to sweet food when we feel anxious.


    Jesus had a lot to say about our appetites and how hard people work for everything that will meet their physical needs in this life.


    In John 4, we have the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.  He is absolutely dehydrated from a long journey and so he sits by Jacob’s well while the disciples make a quick food run.  The woman shows and Jesus asks her for a drink.  She is caught off guard because Jews don’t associate with this type and for sure not a woman in broad daylight!  So, the conversation turns to worship and Jesus talks about a well that she can drink from that will never make her thirst again.  He speaks of Himself and the rivers of living water that flow through a person once they put their faith in Christ for all their needs!   So, she is all over that and is ready for living water. 


    Then the story takes an interesting twist as Jesus refers to her messed up sex life.  He asks her to get her husband and as it turns out she is living with a guy. He knows that and knows that she has had six men in her life. Why does He go there?  He is pointing to the fact that she has been trying to get all her fulfillment and needs met in men. 

    There are a number of attitudes about sex in our culture.  One view is that it is just unmentionable or it’s should just be between two loving people.  Another attitude speaks of it as a right.  Everyone should be entitled to it.  The view that I want to focus on is that it is an appetite.  Sex is just that, an appetite and so people see it as a natural need like eating or drinking and you shouldn’t starve your body.  However, the problem with that view is to miss the essence of what a sexual relationship is.  Tim Keller refers to it as a sacrament.  He goes on to speak of what we do in a sexual relationship is meant to be done with what we do with our life.  It is a complete giving of our whole life and is the culmination of the perfect union of every other part of our life.  Genesis 2 speaks of a husband and wife becoming one flesh.  It is the essence of this that every type of sex without giving of our whole life falls so desperately short.


    If you are hungry and there is nowhere to eat, it feels unbearable doesn't it?  If this is an area that you haven’t trusted Jesus to be your living water, choose to possibly look it as a diet.  Consider sexual fasting until marriage so that you can experience the true richness of a deep and satisfying love.  It was always meant to mirror the picture of our oneness in every way, complete vulnerability and sacrifice with each other.


    The Lord’s Supper is an example of this.  As sex in marriage is a picture of renewing our covenant with each other so is communion in that Jesus saw the bread as his very body and the blood as his very own in John 6.  The bread represents the true satisfaction that comes from doing the will of the Father, it is higher than appetite.  The blood represents forgiveness, reconciliation, healing.If we do this outside of marriage, we miss the essence of it altogether.


    Well, back to John 4.  The profound realization that this woman experiences with Jesus makes her run to her community and tell her friends all about this man who could just be the Messiah!  She is changed by her conversation with Jesus.  The disciples return on the scene and they are very concerned about Jesus’ appetite.  They tell him to eat and he tells them, “I have a kind of food you know nothing about.” and “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing his work.”   Amazing!  We can actually experience a true satisfaction that goes beyond our appetites!!


    Check this out!!  A great expression of the living water of Jesus to fulfill our appetites!  A 'forever monologue' by Issac Wimberley with Kari Jobe!


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