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  • Sep2Wed

    He Restores My Soul

    September 2, 2020
    We have been slowly walking through Psalm 23 together with Addi and Rylan as I recently revisited a book that I read a while ago, "Travelling Light" by Max Lucado.  The book really challenges you on the subject of joy.  He asks, 'what is the one thing separating you from joy?  How do you fill in this blank: I will be happy when ___________________.   He goes on to ask the really hard question... what if your situation never changes, could you be happy?  If not, you are sleeping in the cold cell of discontent.  You are in prison and you need to know what you have in your Shepherd.  Can I really say, The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want?
    He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    There is an imperative here where the LORD wants to slow us down, to be more mindful, to not always been on the go, in a hurry or always feeling rushed.  Sharon and I have been listening to a podcast recently on this very subject of pushing back against the hurry and the rush.  It's called Fight Hurry, End Hustle by John Mark Comer and Jefferson Bethke.  We are starting to build a trellis for our lives.  A trellis is a list of formations that we will practice.  It is one that we hope will allow our lives to flourish and allow us to practice being more present with each other and others.  One obvious one that they share is that they don't have their phones present when people are visiting with them.  They determine a set time that they pick it up in the morning and a set time that they put it away for the evening.  There are certainly other formations that are included but our phones are definitely the most invasive 
    He leads me beside still waters.
    I have discovered that I enjoy riding my bike early on Sunday mornings the best.  I find that the roads are incredibly quiet and I never get tired of chasing a sunrise.  I love how the LORD paints the skies and with my worship music playing, it's an incredibly peaceful time for me.  Where are your still waters?
    He restores my soul.  
    The realization is that Jesus gives us Himself.  
    I was working on changing the day running light in the Outlander and fighting with the encasement that it was closed in.  It felt like 30 minutes and then I finally breathed and said LORD even in these small things I need You to partner with me and literally it took me seconds after that to replace the light.  It was a small thing, but it was a huge reminder that He wants to be with me, present with me every moment of my day. I have often laughed and His timing especially when I've been working on a roof. We will have finished the job, packed up, start driving away and then it rains lol.  Don't worry, I do check my maps but I really can feel God with me when I'm working as well. As a matter of fact, can any of us take the weather network seriously??  I joke that they are the fake news network.  My son says it is just some guy looking out his window lol.

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