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  • I don't wear tiaras or ball gowns, and when someone calls me princess I cringe a little ... But last night I put om my mentor's wedding dress from the 90's (shoulder pads and all :) I wore a tiara and was announced as Princess Twila and I was sure I could not have been further outside of my comfort zone ...but I wasn't alone.  I sat at a table surrounded by some of the strongest and most beautiful women I know and I watched with awe and absolute pride as one of our own took the stage to boldly share her story while the lady next to me broke down because she's living it.

     And I thought, man. He really meets us everywhere.  In ball gowns and in battles.  On mountain tops and in trenches.  In gory and in grief.  When we feel at home and when we feel foreign and afraid.

    Whether we hide our scars behind glitter and glam, or we hide ourselves behind your scars ... He sees us.

    And should He erase the scar?  He could, that's for sure.  But if He did, it would also erase the picture of grace.

    Scars are not a result of incomplete healing, scars are a sign of a finished work.

     If Jesus had risen from the dead and God had erased his scars ... No one would have believed him.  It would have tarnished his testimony.

     When we have died to ourselves and embraced this new life, healed and whole, we carry our scars -- not to victimize ourselves in the eyes of others, but to leave the world without excuse.


    His scars were the proof of who He was and so ours should do the same.


    #princessball by Twila Erb

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