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Our Blog

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  • May has been an interesting month to say the least. We are all finding ourselves in a
    place of more time and less structure. With the Manor being closed, its been a time
    to really analyze what it means to be in ministry at the Manor. With the doors
    closed, it seemed that ministry closed and this brought me to the realization that the
    Manor is not about the building but about the people. And we need to be open to
    continuing in ministry despite the building being closed. So this past month has been
    about understanding why God brought us to the Manor, and what we can do while
    the Manor is closed. Over new years God highlighted to me one key goal he wanted
    our team to focus on: To build consistent and authentic relationships with the
    women and men we encounter through the Manor. So over this month I have
    broken this down bit by bit
    Consistent: unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time. We want to show
    the women and men that regardless of their circumstances, emotions, behavior, or
    patterns, we will remain consistent in how we love them, treat them, relate to them,
    and care for them. In times of addictions, anger, manipulation we will not waiver in
    our attitude of love. We will maintain a consistent, unchanging and unaffected
    stance, firmly rooted in the solid foundation of Gods grace.
    Authentic: genuine; of undisputed origin. We want genuine relationships with the
    women and men we encounter. Not one of force or striving, but one that comes
    from spending time and getting to know them. Through friendships the woman
    would come to know, without dispute, that we walk in the grace of God with the
    message of Christ. We don’t come in force with the gospel, but instead allow the
    women to get to know us and bring their questions to us. While we allow the Holy
    Spirit to do his work of drawing them to the heart of God, and turning their hearts of
    stone to hearts of flesh.
    Through building consistent and authentic relationships, we show the heart of God
    that is “I will never leave you nor forsake you”,and we draw them into that heart
    through the promptings of the Holy Spirit. (Deuteronomy 31:8; Deuteronomy 31:6;
    Hebrews 13:5; Isaiah 41:10-13; 1 Peter 5:7; Hebrews 13:5-6; Matthew 28:20;
    Phillippians 4:6-7; Hebrews 13:6; Psalms 55:22; Romans 8:28; 1 Chronicles 28:20)
    So as we face something strangely new due to covid, I feel God is bringing us, as a
    team, back to the foundations of the ministry. Who are we, what do we stand for,
    how do we operate, what is our vision and mission statement? As we work through
    this, I’m continually in awe at how God is speaking to us, aligning us as a team, and
    bringing out his truth and direction.
    Thank you for all your prayers and support. We look forward to sharing with you all
    that God has revealed to us.

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