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  • Jun28Fri

    A Month of FIRSTS!

    June 28, 2019

    It has truly been an amazing month of firsts for our Manor Ministries.  We welcomed our friends and ministry mentors, Justin and Tanya Brewer, from Flagstaff, Arizona.  During their visit, we watched in amazement as the Holy Spirit brought breakthrough. It started with just one lady who works at the Manor joining us for a worship service on a Sunday morning.  We have been inviting them to join us at River of Life since it is so close to the downtown.  Since she accepted the invitation there have been multiple weeks with “newbies” joining us and experiencing freedom, faith building messages and church like they never knew existed because most have come out of a Catholic or more formal setting.

    We also had one of our greatest turnouts to a Manor Church gathering at our place on a Sunday afternoon.  It was here that many of our peeps really opened up about themselves and we saw healing prayer happen over marriages and relationships.  The following Monday we took Justin and Tanya for a bike ride through Guelph and it was just incredible to see how many “divine appointments” the Holy Spirit set up as we stopped numerous times to connect with those connected to our ministry, but some that we hadn’t seen in months.  The bicycle trip became a ministry event as we visited with Tina, then Butch, prayed for him, then Diana, prayed for healing as she had recently been in a accident.  We then had a visit with Derek as well who had been sitting out by a food truck.

    On Tuesday we met Pastor Grace from Entebbe, Uganda through a mutual friend, Jim Johnson.  As we listened to his story, it was so obvious that the Lord was creating a bond between us.  He spoke about Holy Spirit being his best friend and shared how God raised him back to life after being dead in a morgue after a serious motorcycle accident!  He prayed in such a powerful way over every one of us.  He absolutely nailed my heart.  We then accepted an invitation to come and speak at a pastor’s conference there in October and that is just crazy, but we know God is in it.  Sometimes we wonder honestly what do we really have to share, they are the ones with incredible faith.  However, as Pastor Grace shared, it is the fact that we still trust and put our faith in the LORD in the midst of all of our abundance.  We are also super excited that this will be followed by our visit with Jeslor Szosi, from Trust Future Uganda, the school for over 200 children and home to over 50 orphans that we are the Canadian Ambassadors for!!

    Another first for me personally took place more recently.  On Tuesday I needed to help Tiara and Bob get to an appointment at the hospital.  It was in the middle of a roofing job when I came back to pick them up.  As I was lifting her wheelchair into the back of the van (something I have done numerous times) my lower back completely gave out.  It was a scary moment for me and I felt like I had completely lost my strength.  I could hardly walk, let alone move.  I knew I needed to go back to the job and yet I the was on the verge of tears.  I prayed and rolled out my back on a foam roller and was barely able to finish that day on a very steep pitch.  I came home and Sharon had invited Pastor Fule and his wife, Adwoa over.  I really enjoyed their visit, but I was still in a lot of pain, stiffness and discomfort.  They asked to pray for me towards the end of their visit and it was a powerful time.  Although, I didn’t experience immediate healing, I remember Adwoa saying the inflammation will go down tomorrow and it really did.  It didn’t help that I underestimated my bundle count and had to carry up bundles on the roof, but I did and today, Friday, I can honestly say that I’m pain free and God is good!


    I want to close by sharing a verse in the Amplified version reminding us all of the true change that Holy Spirit is longing for in our lives.  It is the fruit of repentance.  I believe this type of fruit does not come through will power or our own strength.  For me losing the strength in my back was a great reminder that even my ability to work is all a gift from God.  I never want to take for granted what He has blessed me and enabled me to do. 

    Matthew 3:8 So produce fruit that is consistent with repentance [demonstrating new behavior that proves a change of heart, and a conscious decision to turn away from sin]

    So, Holy Spirit, bring that new behavior, that renewed dependence on you as I turn away from my own vices, my own way of “getting things done” and bring that love, joy, peace, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control!

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