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  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday and oh yeah. Giving Tuesday if you have any spare change…lol  needless to say I think we have it backwards here.  If we are really serious about this, I think Giving Tuesday needs to come first.

    I can’t lie, I certainly am one who likes a sweet deal, an amazing find at an unbelievable price, but...

  • Now that the Manor is closed due to Covid-19, many of you may be wondering what we are doing. So I wanted to give all our supports an update. We are not called to do church but to be the church. And how do we live out the church on a daily basis? Let’s go back to the first church. Acts 2:42 says “And they devoted themselves to the...

  • Oct31Sat

    Hidden Gems

    October 31, 2020

    Sharon and I have taken time to do some day trips in the local area to find some hidden gems.  We’ve gone to the usual places to find the fall colors like Hockley Valley and check out some local artisans and then we’ve also hit the more unusual spots like Shakespeare, Ontario.  Well, there wasn’t much there other than...

  • Oct6Tue

    What Is Hope?

    October 6, 2020

    It is an expensive attribute and one that can often take years to build, that is when we are talking about something rock solid and something that gives us absolute confidence, not wishy washy like “well, I hope so…”.  There is certainly the wishful thinking side of things, but then there is the biblical definition.

    It is...

  • Sep2Wed

    He Restores My Soul

    September 2, 2020
    We have been slowly walking through Psalm 23 together with Addi and Rylan as I recently revisited a book that I read a while ago, "Travelling Light" by Max Lucado.  The book really challenges you on the subject of joy.  He asks, 'what is the one thing separating you from joy?  How do you fill in this blank: I will be happy when...
  • Jul31Fri

    Better Together

    July 31, 2020

    It’s not too often that you get the opportunity to work together side by side with family, but at this season in my life, that is exactly what I get to do.  It’s nothing but positive vibes for Rylan, Jordan and me most days on the roof.  However, don’t ask them about me and the roof underlay.  It is not my friend...

  • Jul1Wed

    The Hugmaster 2020

    July 1, 2020

    I have been inspired recently by my new friends Jeff and Maria.  They have been an incredible joy in our lives as we have gotten to know them over the past month. They will be getting married at the end of July and both of them have an incredible journey towards finding faith in Jesus.  We took the opportunity to show love a few weeks...

  • May has been an interesting month to say the least. We are all finding ourselves in a
    place of more time and less structure. With the Manor being closed, its been a time
    to really analyze what it means to be in ministry at the Manor. With the doors
    closed, it seemed that ministry closed and this brought me to the realization that the
    Manor is...

  • May29Fri

    Just Call Me The Bread Man!

    May 29, 2020

    Since we have moved to Exhibition Street in Guelph, we have discovered the most amazing place to get bread, Polestar Hearth, a bakery just around the corner.  I have to admit that with all the social distancing requirements, waiting in line has taught me to appreciate it even more.  They make incredible sour dough bread and our...

  • Apr29Wed

    Never Be The Same Again!

    April 29, 2020

    I have been so grateful for is to have Jordan, Addi and Rylan working with me during this time as an essential service.  However, what an incredible time of upheaval in our world it has been.  We have all had our lives turned upside down with this Covid19 outbreak, social distancing and lack of real meaningful connection with other...